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Master speaking your foreign languages with AI.

Improve your fluency with language classes and real-life situations. Talk to the first AI-based language teacher.

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Why Gliglish?

😎 Great pronunciation!

Learn from speaking, like a child would.

Use the most natural way to learn: your voice.

If you learn from text, your accent will be hard to understand 😓 But if you learn from speaking, you'll sound like a native. Don't make the same mistake I did, speak clearly from day 1! 👍

⌚️ Save time

Practice anytime, anywhere

No need to schedule a class – Gliglish is always here for you!

If you want to become fluent, it's simple: you just need to practice a little every day. But you're busy and don't have time to schedule a class. So Gliglish is always here for you when you need it: 📱 in your pocket or 💻 on your computer.

🤑 Save money

12x cheaper than a traditional teacher

Practice more for less, learn faster!

Language classes are great, but learning one-on-one with a private teacher costs as small fortune 💸. For the price of a single class, you can get a whole month of Gliglish! And you can use all that money you saved to travel to the country whose language you're learning… 🛫

Learn from speaking, with a teacher in your pocket. Start now

Supported languages

Multilingual at heart 🌎

Gliglish speaks the following languages and language variations:

…with support for more languages coming soon! ❤️

Learn one or more languages with a single subscription


Everything you need to learn a language!

Gliglish includes everything you need to learn a language from scratch with an AI teacher:

…and this is just the beginning! I'm working every day to add new features we all wish we had to learn languages! Join now and you will help influence Gliglish's development 🔮.

Grow strong 💪

Bye bye fear, hello confidence!

Practice on your own terms, gain experience and become confident in any situation.

With Gliglish, get rid of your fear of public speaking and start speaking with confidence. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can improve your speaking skills when you practice regularly. Whether you're preparing for a job interview or a first date, you'll rock! 🤘.

Practice makes perfect! Start now.


Get Gliglish Plus today!

Become fluent in your favorite language! Simply talk about what you love with your personal language teacher. Start now:

Gliglish Plus Monthly Plan

€29 /month
Paid monthly, that's €348 total per year.

Start easy and speak the language of your choice.

  • Up to 20 hours of conversation every month
  • No limit to the length of conversations
  • 50 topics
  • Multilingual speech recognition
  • Priority access at peak hours
Best value!

Gliglish Plus Annual Plan

€16 /month
Paid annually, that's €192 total per year.

Invest in yourself and make the biggest progress in your speaking skills this year of your life.

  • Up to 20 hours of conversation every month
  • No limit to the length of conversations
  • 50 topics
  • Multilingual speech recognition
  • Priority access at peak hours
  • Save 45% compared to monthly

Free plan

Use Gliglish for free for 10 minutes a day. Conversations limited to a maximum of 50 messages. Availability limited during peak hours.


Bon à savoir :

  • Your usage is measured by a credit system. 1 credit is used when you send or receive a message, ask for suggestions, request a translation, or check your pronunciation. With Gliglish Plus, you get 3,000 credits per month. This allows you to use Gliglish for about 20 hours a month. (The exact figure varies depending on your level and learning style).
  • No commitment, you can cancel at any time.
Gliglish receives 450,000 visits a month. Your contribution directly covers server costs and my work. Thank you!


31,137 people are already learning to speak with Gliglish!

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Fabien Snauwaert, l'homme, la légende, le mec qui code ses pages HTML à la main

Meet the Maker

Fabien Snauwaert – Hey there, I'm Fabien, the creator of Gliglish!

I'm the solo maker behind Gliglish. I grew up speaking French and learned English as a teenager. Since 2007, my English-learning products have helped thousands. Later, I picked up Spanish (intermediate), Russian (upper intermediate), and Hungarian (advanced). With Gliglish, I'm expanding beyond English to include more languages – I can't wait to share it with you! Let's speak and get better! 💪

By @fabiensnauwaert